Next Build – 1/48 Hasegawa F-15E Commission Build.

This 1/48 Hasegawa F-15E Dual Role Fighter is the second commission build for the same client as the 1/72 Hasegawa P-2V that was recently completed. I will be using Eduard’s cockpit photo etch set. I have detailed and assembled the cockpit and am currently working on the fuselage and exhaust cans. You can check out the details of the cockpit in the build log at 1/48 F-15E Dual Role Fighter

5 thoughts on “Next Build – 1/48 Hasegawa F-15E Commission Build.

  1. jamessloan8092 May 14, 2021 — 9:59 am

    I read your comments in the Tips and Tricks section. I see in it you referred to using a “microfibre” cloth. You are not the only person I read using one of these products. I have some micro pads of varying grades. Are they the same, and where might I obtain the “cloth” version?

    1. I buy mine at a local auto parts store. They use them for polishing cars. Can also be found in regular stores like Walmart in the automotive section.

      1. jamessloan8092 May 14, 2021 — 11:50 am

        Thanks! I looked on Amazon and the ones they list come in packages of more than my lifetime. How many come from the auto store?

      2. You can buy them in packs of 5 or 10 as well as small and large sizes.

      3. jamessloan8092 May 14, 2021 — 1:18 pm


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