Update – USS Hornet CV-8 Doolittle Raid Build – Hangar Walls

This week I added more details to the hangar bay walls and installed them. Currently working on the aft elevator and detailing the fantail. I am hoping to start on the aircraft for the hangar deck by the end of the week. See all the photos and all the details in my build log at 1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 Doolittle Raid

Also, I was finally able to create a typical decal placement guide for the CV Hangar Bay decal sets. This placement guide is typical placements. With the number of different ships and slight changes over the many years this guide gives you an idea where they go. I still recommend using reference photos of the particular ship and specific cruise for placement. Check out the decals as well as the guide at 1/350 Modern Carrier Hangar Bay Decals

1 thought on “Update – USS Hornet CV-8 Doolittle Raid Build – Hangar Walls

  1. Edward Mountbatten August 5, 2021 — 10:20 am

    Excellent timing, David! I’m getting ready to start my build of CV-8 albeit in 1/200 scale. I’ll be watching your build & blog with great interest!


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