Quick Update on Decals

A couple of weeks ago the computer I used to make decal sets died. I have since replaced it but lost a couple of folders  so some of the air wing decal sets I was working on need to reconstructed. One of the hangar bay sets I was working on did not get lost and I finished them last night. I have completed the LHA Amphibious Assault Ship decals. I currently put up the USS Tarawa LHA-1. These are in three different scales 1/350, 1/500, and 1/700 – 1/720 scales. You can check them out on the Decal page.


I am working on other LHA’s as well as more Air Wing decal set. Hoping to have some more new sets by December.

Happy Modeling!

3 thoughts on “Quick Update on Decals

  1. What kind of printer do you use?
    I’m still interested in getting the hanger bay for the Nimitz in 1/350 and for the Carl Vinson in 1/500?
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    1. I use a Canon Imageclass laser for most and an HP inkjet for custom decals that require specific parts. (Color matching background colors, 1/48 instrument panels, etc)

  2. Shalom David,
    I just spent 2 days trying to diagnose, repair, and finally replace my printer. I hate printers, but at least I did not loose any files! Sorry for your loss!
    I will be looking for a set of decals for the 1/350 B-25s
    May the LORD bless you And keep you…

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