Moving forward with week three of the 1/48 ICM C-18S “Magic by Moonlight”.

This week I built up and detailed the engines and installed the interior. Since this will be displayed “in flight” I modified a 1/48 scale pilot to look like Matt Younkin and placed him in the pilot’s seat. The aircraft was then assembled together. This was not an easy task as there is a total of 18 LED’s inside and all the wiring was routed to the tail section. I used styrene tubing that will support the aircraft on the base and ran the wiring thru the tube. I am now starting to mask the fuselage for the paint scheme. I should have all the painting and decals done in the coming week.

Don’t forget to check out the short video of the light check in the build log! You can see all the photos and details from the start in my build log section at 1/48 C-18S Magic by Moonlight

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