Week four of the 1/48 ICM C-18S “Magic by Moonlight” – Paint and Decals.

This week was spent painting and decaling the aircraft scheme. I masked all the windows and then made my own masks for the scalloped paint scheme using kapton tape. Check out masking with kapton tape in my Tips and Tricks section ( Masking with Kapton Tape )

While the paint was drying I noticed that the kit decals did not include the sponsor logos that are on the real aircraft. I used Google to locate the company logos and made my own. I then detailed and painted the propellers. For the display base I ordered a brushed nickel nameplate from ENM Engraving. I am working on getting the aircraft mounted and wired up on the display base then add the smoke trails. Stay tuned for the completed photos and review of the kit next week.

You can see all the photos and details from the start in my build log section at 1/48 C-18S Magic by Moonlight

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