Week 8 of the 1/48 Great Wall Hobby P-61B – Uh-Oh Error and Options.

The 8th week was spent mostly correcting a build error on my part. I installed the main gear bays into the wrong boom. This made the main landing gear orientated incorrectly. The struts are supposed to be on the outboard side with the wheels facing inboard. Instead of leaving them incorrect I decided to make the aircraft “in flight” with the gear up. I have another 1/48 P-61 kit (the HobbyBoss P-61C) that was planned to be built as “in flight” and this one was going to be on the gear. So now this one will be in flight and the P-61C will be wheels down. I will utilize the SAC metal landing gear on the P-61C. With the error corrected I moved on to building the turret and then applying the decals to the aircraft. Next week I will be weathering the aircraft with pastel chalk and then applying the final top coat to seal everything.  You can follow along this build from the start in my build log section at 1/48 P-61B Black Widow – Lady in the Dark

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