WEEK NINE – 1/48 Kitty Hawk AH-1Z “Viper” – The Build is Finished!!

After nine weeks this commission build is complete! I spent the week adding the final open panels and installing the main rotor. I also had to remount the weapons due to another error in the kit instructions.

You can see all the photos and details from start to finish in my build log at:  1/48 AH-1Z Viper

Next up is another commission build. This one I will be using a Revell/Monogram 1/48 AV-8B Harrier and replicating a special aircraft. The client while supporting the Marine Harriers in the Middle East had an American Flag loaded on a special flight. He then received the flag as well as a certificate of the mission. Most of this kit will be built out of the box with some scratchbuilt details and all of the decals will be made by me to replicate the specific aircraft. Stay tuned for this interesting build!

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