1/48 Academy F-4B VF-111

This build of Academy’s F-4B represents VF-111 aboard the USS Coral Sea. I will be adding resin details like the pilot and co-pilot seats and the exhaust cans. The cockpit will also feature Eduard’s photo-etch details.

Started work on the cockpit tub. Added the photo etch details for the dash and side consoles. I then added a small drop of acrylic gel over the gauges to make them look like the glass on the front of the gauge.  Now working on the resin seats. They have a lot of detail as well.

The seats take a lot of time. Details are added then the seat is painted, When dry more details are added. One seat takes about four hours to complete. Working on second seat now.

Cockpit, intakes, and exhaust installed and fuselage coming together very well. The fit is very very good. The Eduard resin exhaust fits perfectly without and modifications. The intake ducts fit really nice. A little bit of sanding and the seam is not visible. Working on the forward section of the fuselage.

Little busy this week with other things but have been working on landing gear and undercarriage. Getting ready to paint the base colors on the fuselage then on to the decals and weathering.


Base coat painting completed. Weathered the exhaust with black, brown and blue pastel chalk. The missiles have been painted as well. Preparing to start the decal process then final weathering.

The decals are done. They are excellent decals. The tail and nose decals conformed to the different surface features very well. Next the weathering and the canopy detailing. I will have it displayed with the canopies open to show off the cockpit details.

Canopies detailed and installed. The F-4B from VF-111 is now completed! Now I have 4 decades of VF-111 aircraft.

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