1/48 F-20A Tigershark

This is the Freedom Models 1/48 scale F-20A Tigershark. Built by Northrop (before they became Northrop Grumman). They used the  F-5E as a base and modified many aspects of the frame and avionics to make the F-5G. When the USAF started the FX concept the designation was changed to the F-20. It was a very nice aircraft however there were a lot of political issues that prevented the F-20 program from happening.

This kit represents the F-20A of the three prototypes built. I will be building and painting it as prototype 2. There are very little aftermarket accessories for this kit so all the details will be from scratch.

I started with the cockpit. The dash board was painted to match photos of the actual aircraft. To create the multi-function displays I painted them a chrome silver and use Tamiya clear green on top. The screens look like real displays as the light reflects from different angles.

Cockpit installed, a weight was added to the nose to keep it from being tail heavy, and working on assembling the fuselage. The fit is very good. So far just needed a little putty on the spine. Engine exhaust weathered and installed. The kit comes with a couple of PE parts. One of the parts is the intake vane detail.

As work continues I have painted and weathered the exhaust, detailed and installed the landing gear, completed assembly of the fuselage, painted the fuselage and applied all the decals for the prototype # 2. Still need to do the final overcoat. Working on the missiles and canopy details now.


The F-20A is now finished! Here are the completed photos.

2 thoughts on “1/48 F-20A Tigershark

  1. Outstanding build. Love it.
    I’m doing mine next in a, what if, Canadain scheme. Thinking the Blue Nose Squadron.

  2. Great work on a very “sexy”-looking a/c.

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