1/48 F-8E Crusader from VF-111

This next build is Hasegawa’s 1/48 scale F-8E Crusader. I chose this so that I can add it to the F-4B, F-14A and the F-5E that I built previously where they all represent the VF-111 Sundowners squadron.  I will be using the VF-111 “Mig Killers” decal set from Cutting Edge and the Ares resin cockpit set to complete the details. Starting with the cockpit tub I started with the few photo etch parts then moved on to the detail painting of the fine details. Then the side walls were detail painted.

The ejection seat was detailed with photo etch accessories and painted. The dashboard was built from the photo etch and attached to the resin hood. The cockpit was then all assembled. I compared the resin cockpit to the fuselage and started trimming the fuselage to accommodate the new resin cockpit.

This week’s update on the F-8E covers the installing of the cockpit and getting the landing gear detailed and mounted. The resin cockpit required removing many of the mounting tabs inside the fuselage and trimming the edges. Once trimmed the cockpit fit very well. Next the main landing gear bays and landing gear were assembled, detail painted and installed.

I then started to assemble the wings. One thing I did not like was the outside leading edge slats. These are one piece which is good, but had three deep injection marks with some flashing around the edge. I sanded down the edges of the marks and filled them with putty. Next I will be working on detailing the bay under the main wings and starting the painting of the fuselage.

This week’s work on the F-8E Crusader starts at the wings. I detailed the bay under the main wings by adding some styrene rods and 32 AWG wire. I used some reference photos to duplicate the placement of them. The wings were then installed in the raised position and the aircraft wa base painted with Gull Gray and white.  The kit only comes with rockets for weapons and I wanted to use missiles so I looked through my extras bin and found two AIM-9  sidewinders. I used decals from a spare decal sheet then I added the IR head using the tutorial in my tips and tricks section:

How to make Laser and IR sensor heads

The jet exhaust was weathered with blue, brown, gray, and black pastel chalk. The decals are being placed now. The Cutting Edge decals were a little on the thick side so getting them to lay down took lots of effort as well as lots of MicroSol. Most of them are on just need to do the small stencils the finish up the cockpit and canopy.

The Crusader is now complete. This was a decent kit to put together. The fit was pretty good except the canopy. It seems it’s just a hair to thin for width. Trying to fit it to the fuselage was difficult and still ended up with a slight edge. The cutting edge decals were a little thick. The rest of the kit was fine and the instructions were very good. So now it sits on the display shelf with the other VF-111 aircraft.

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  1. Nice and neat workbench!

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