1/48 Ki-45 TORYU (Nick)

This build is the 1/48 Hasegawa Ki-45 Toryu (nicknamed “Nick”) and the scheme is the Manchukuo Air Corps version. The Ki-45 is a twin engine heavy fighter and was used for ground attack and as an interceptor. Manchukuo was a puppet state of Japan in located Manchuria that aided Japan in their Indo-China operations and later intercepting U.S. B-29’s that were fire bombing Japan.

For this build I will be using the CMK resin cockpit detail set.  I started by removing all the parts from the resin casting. The cockpit tub required very little trimming to fit in the fuselage. After some detail painting and adding some photo etch accessories I started installing the cockpit. I then found some errors in the CMK instructions. The first was the instructions show the dashboard mounted too far forward and does not show the control pedals. I had to remove it then relocated it to the correct position and added the control pedals. The second issue is the instructions do not inform you that the top of the dash on the kit needs to be notched in order to fit the cannon gun sight.  Once these minor issues were corrected the cockpit tub fit in without any problems.  I am now moving on to the wings and engine/landing gear bays.

Continuing forward I assembled the wings and detailed the main landing gear bays. I assembled the rear gun using the resin version and the photo etch gun sight and mounted the cannon gun sight above the dash. I then mount the wings. Found another issue when mounting them. The kit has spars to support the wings. I ended up cutting these off the kit assembly and attaching them to the fuselage. It was not difficult and the wings lined up very well to the fuselage. The engines came then. They were detail painted and then the copper intercooler for the intake was installed.  The engines were then put into their cowls and mounted to the wings. The wings were then installed and the entire fuselage was painted with the base coat. Weathered and added the belly 37mm cannon and then the landing gear was painted and installed. Next up will be the camouflage painting.


Tedious painting on the Ki-45 camouflage continues. I tried masking the pattern and realized it was actually easier to just hand paint the jungle camouflage. The base coat is Japanese Army light green and the camouflage is Japanese Army dark green. In the end I really like the look of this camouflage. I then painted the wing leading edges yellow and the white fuselage stripe just forward of the tail. For the wing landing light I painted the light bezel chrome silver and filled it up with acrylic gel to simulate the lens.


At this point I move the model to another table and upgraded the work bench area by adding work table to organize the work surface. Check out the updated photos of the working area in the Gallery Studio section.  The Studio


The1/48 Hasegawa  Ki-45 TOYRU (NICK) is now done. The fit is very good. The decals went on well but the Manchukuo Air Corps logos do not have a white backing so the camouflage shows thru a bit on the top. The only other issue is the pilots canopy is two pieces and it is a butt fit so getting the correct distance so it fits the fuselage required a fixture. I measured the width it needed to be than taped each side onto a piece of cardboard and then glued the center seam. I would recommend this kit.


8 thoughts on “1/48 Ki-45 TORYU (Nick)

  1. anthony dagostino June 23, 2019 — 3:35 am

    Those engines look great, as does the rest of the build. You are moving swiftly thru the build, that speed must only come with years of practice. I am still on my first build and stuck waiting for paint that I still have been unable to order. My patience is being tested, but I will prevail.

  2. anthony dagostino June 28, 2019 — 9:51 am

    I have still been unable to find the acrylic gel here in the Philippines, but I won’t give up. Do you use the same gel for instrument panel gauge lenses? Seems like an easy way to add that reflective coating after the final dull coat/matte clear is sprayed. Would I be on the right path, or in danger of creating trouble?

    Thanks as always,


    1. I typically use tamiya clear X-22 for gauges on the dash due to the small size. Only use the gel for displays on jets.

  3. Awesome work. That Nick looks better than the real a/c.

  4. anthony dagostino June 29, 2019 — 8:13 am

    Wow, that camo is impressive!

  5. Bob Deinhardt July 3, 2019 — 6:04 pm

    Really nice build, just one question.
    I see what looks like the rear machine gun position is flared over, but you installed the rear machine gun?

    1. The version (Kai Hei) for the Manchuokuo Air Corps did not use the rear gun so they covered it with a shield. The rear gun was part of the resin kit so I assembled it.

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