1/48 Eduard FW-190A-8

This build is the Eduard 1/48 scale Fw-190A-8. The model comes with some very nice details. I will be using the Top Color decal set by Cartigraf decals. I have chosen the paint/decal scheme of UFFZ. Walter Gerlach that he flew around Parchim Germany in 1945. The one feature of this kit is the complete engine. Leaving lots of room for extra details.


Started work on the cockpit. Here are some photo’s so far. Still need to weather/highlight it a little.

I now have the fuselage together. I would like to state a word of caution. Do not assemble the firewall/gun bay per the instructions. You need to put the fuselage together then assemble the gun bay in pieces to get it to fit. You will need to tape the lower wing so you can align the dump chute from the ammo boxes to the ports on the lower wing. I had to cut the back wall off and do some trimming to fit it properly. Still need to do some sanding and paint touch up. While I was letting the fuselage set I started on the lower wing. It does have some nice details so far.


The fit issues just keep coming with this kit. I attached the wings and there were many gaps to the rear wing root. Lots if filling and sanding. The engine is now together and installed. This is turning into a good/bad. Fit issues but the detail of things appears good.  Working on the cowl now.

Well it was a challenge but the end result came out great. The Cartigraf decals are great. Here are the complete photo’s.

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