C-118 VR-51 NAS Glenview

This was a commissioned work for a crew member who served aboard this C-118. They were stationed out of NAS Glenview. Using actual photo’s I was able to create the actual aircraft using Heller’s 1/72 C-118 Liftmaster.

C-118 Top View

3 thoughts on “C-118 VR-51 NAS Glenview

  1. NAS was just a couple blocks from my old house. I really miss seeing the aircraft come and go now that the base is gone.

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  2. David M Goessling December 6, 2018 — 3:29 pm

    My uncle took my brother and I there when we were kids living on the North Shore. He was in the Air Force and could get a base pass. I remember the Cougars taking off. (I think one crashed into a nearby house sometime in the late 50s…) Then he would take us to the hobby shop to buy a model, Yep, an Aurora or Lindberg Cougar was one of my first. That’s how I got started….

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  3. My first post A-School engine work was to install the QECK on a R-2800 for VR-51 at the NAS Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department.

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