Chilled Toon’s Resin A-10 Egg Plane – BRRRT

The Chilled Toons A-10 Egg Plane called “BRRRT” was a commission build for a previous client. The kit is a full resin 3-D printed kit. This format required a lot of prep work to clean up the parts. I also made custom decals to match the 1/48 A-10 I built for this client a few years ago. It was an interesting build. Once all the parts were prepared the kit went together very well.

You can see all the build photos and details in the build log at: Chilled Toon A-10 Egg Plane BRRRT


It arrived with a minor issue. The wheels were knocked off. The client used a drop of CA glue on each and repaired it. Resin is inherently more brittle than styrene and it seems delivery people are a little rougher on packages these days. Overall the client is very happy and supplied these photos.

With “Mama”

In hangar

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