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  1. Hi David

    Ordered the 1/350 Intrepid hangar detail on 8th March. As of 27th May still have not received them.



    1. Tony, Thank you for letting me know. During this COVID-19 international shipping times have increased greatly. I will make another set and ship them with tracking. Check your email later today for more information.

  2. Dave,
    I just ordered an Enterprise CVN 65 Hanger Deck decal set from you. I would like it scaled to 1/400.
    Don Clark
    217 Brookridge CT
    Harrisburg, PA 17112

    1. No problem, will make tonight and ship out tomorrow. Thanks!

  3. I enjoyed checking out your website I am in the progress of developing my own website I am new to the Arc Form where I saw your work. Please check out some of mine at

    Take care

    I really like your tips on IR seeker heads.

    1. Thank you. I checked out your website. Very nice work! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Richard K Kinlaw August 26, 2020 — 11:21 am

    Good afternoon David. If you could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. I am building 1/350 CVN 65. I have totally screwed up the Island that came with the kit. I’ve ordered another from Tamiya and it was just delivered. Would you please offer some advice on how to light it? I have hanger deck lighting, landing area lighting. Figured those out pretty well, but the Island stumps me. I figure I have to do it before putting it together, but I am stuck.



    1. For the island the first step is to prime the inside with flat black then paint the gray. This is to prevent light from bleeding thru the plastic. Then install a PICO size LED on each level that has windows or port holes (you can drill out the port holes if the are not already). You glue the LED’S to the “roof” of each level then run the wires thru the bottom of the island. I do not remember if the Enterprise has clear parts for the bridge windows. If not you can use clear plastic and cut your own. Typically the bridge windows have a green tinted section that is used during the day and is movable for night. You can tint them green or leave them clear is up to you. Tape the island together and tie the + wires together then the – sides together. You can use a battery to power the lights and see if you have any light leaking and how it looks. Once all is good, glue island together and install it.
      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    2. Follow on question. Please. I have a manual vise and a Dremel tool. When I drill out the tie down holes on the flight deck with the manual tool, there is no problem However, when I use the Dremel, plastic residue gathers on the bit and then makes the hole more like a moon crater. Any suggestions? What do you use? Thanks


      1. The dremel tool will spin too fast and bite into the plastic too quickly. A new drill bit in a manual pin vise will work the best.

  5. Are you planning to do some air wings for the USS Enterprise CVN-65?

    1. Yes, I am working on a set for the 1982-1983 cruise with CVW-11

  6. Eric C Christianson October 23, 2020 — 10:54 am

    Hi Dave –
    I ordered (and received) your decals for the LHD USS Wasp in 1/350th scale. The decals arrived relatively quickly and without any problems, thank you. While I am an experienced modeler, this is my first ship, which I am building for someone else. Question: Is there someplace you can point me to where I can get an idea of where to place the decals in your set?
    Thank you for your time and attention –
    Eric Christianson

  7. Good afternoon,
    I write from Italy
    I own the J.F. Kennedy CV-67 both in 1/350 scale and in 1/700 scale, no manufacturer has announced that they want to produce decals for the Air Wing, Could you consider my request?
    Thanks .

    1. I am working on a few air wing sets. One of the sets is for the 1982 Indian Ocean cruise for CV-67. They should be ready in January 2021.

      1. Hi
        Thank you for your prompt reply, and I hope to be able to see this decals sheet soon to allow me to proceed with the construction of the CV-67. Just one last question, could you tell me which Air Wing?

        thanks a lot

      2. Air Wing CVW-3 Here is the link to the cruise book.

  8. Hello David, Can you product a set of decals for the air wing 1, 2007 deployment that was onboard the USS Enterprise CVN-65?

    1. Yes I can. I am currently working on 4 sets right now. Once completed I can work on that cruise.

  9. Hi David, Looking at the photos on the site I noticed the 1/350 S3 Vikings have the walkways marked and some stencil detail on the fuselage sides, are they decals or hand painted? If decals, do you supply them or where can I get them? I have your Enterprise air wing set so I know they don’t come as standard. Cheers, David Murdoch

    1. The 1/350 Aircraft sets come with decals for the standard markings. The walkways for the S-3 and E-2 are typically painted on. There use to be a company that made walkway decals for 1/350 but they went out of business quite a few years ago.

      1. Thanks very much for the prompt reply. I’ve painted on some of the S3 walkways but it’s a chore! Still to use your decals, but the sheet looks great. Cheers!

  10. David Murdoch May 17, 2021 — 2:36 pm

    Hi David, not really a question about your products, but I’m building a 1/350 Enterprise and including a hangar deck and full airwing. I was wondering if you knew how the aircraft are stowed in the hanger, eg all F14s stowed together or by squadron? I tried online, but could not get any information on hangar aircraft stowage. Obviously the hangar deck is much smaller than the flight deck so space is at a premium. I assumed all similar aircraft types may be stowed together to help with repairs and parts storage but cannot find the required information online (after months of searching). hopefully you can help, cheers, David.

    1. Typically during the F-14 years, the F-14’s were in hangar bay 3 (farthest aft) with the A-7’s (or first F/A-18’s) and the SH-3 helo’s in hangar bay 2 and the rest in hangar bay 1. The squadrons were mixed depending on when they were parked or in certain repair. This varied by ship but is typical.

      1. David Murdoch May 27, 2021 — 5:44 pm

        Thanks for the info, I trawled the web but could not find this type of information anywhere. By the way I have tried the first of your decals on a US-3A COD airframe and they were great , absolutely no problem to use. Thanks again for your help.

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