1/48 Freedom Models X-47B UCAS

This is the 1/48 scale Freedom Models X-47B UCAS aircraft built by Northrop Grumman as a possible aircraft for use on aircraft carriers. Two prototypes were built and completed the initial flight testing before the program was cancelled. The overall kit was very good. It would be better but the decals being off register and the misspelling. For fit it was very good and the instructions were well thought out. The decals actually applied well. They do give you options for different schemes, however they only give you instructions for two schemes so you are left with a few decals with no reference to designate where they go.  One final note, when I was reviewing the photos I took I kept thinking that the front on shots remind me of the alien fighters in the movie “Independence Day”  with the intake looking like the front windscreen.  You can see all the build details and photos in the build log section. 1/48 X-47B UCAS


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