Photo Etch Tools

Photo Etch detail accessories are typically available for many kits. (Ships, aircraft, armor, cars, etc.) These are attached using a CA glue. I like to use 43mm aluminum dishes to hold a small amount of CA glue. CA glue is cured by air. So the less you leave the bottle open to air the longer the bottle will last. I make a small pool of CA glue in the aluminum dish. The glue can be applied using a toothpick, pin, or dental pick.

However I found a product that works excellent for applying a small amount of glue in exactly the right spot. It is called the Glue Looper. I have included a link to their website which has some very good video’s on how to use it. The tips last for many applications.

Glue Looper website and videos: Glue Looper


Where to buy:

Glue Looper:  The Glue Looper

CA Glue:Bob Smith 103 Insta-Cure 2 oz Super Thin Model: BSI-103 (Hardware & Tools Store)

Aluminum Dish: Heathrow Scientific HD14521A Aluminum Small Weighing Boat, 43mm Diameter x 12mm Height (Pack of 100)



For holding very small parts I use Pulpdent’s Pic-N-Stic wax tipped sticks. These hold small parts for painting or placing them. With fine tweezers you risk launching small parts into the “carpet monster” zone. These are also reusable. Just scrape off the top layer and keep using.

You can get them and most dental supply places like Dental City Pulpdent Pic-N-Stic

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