Photo Etch Tools

Photo Etch detail accessories are typically available for many kits. (Ships, aircraft, armor, cars, etc.) These are attached using a CA glue. I like to use 43mm aluminum dishes to hold a small amount of CA glue. CA glue is cured by air. So the less you leave the bottle open to air the longer the bottle will last. I make a small pool of CA glue in the aluminum dish. The glue can be applied using a toothpick, pin, or dental pick.

However I found a product that works excellent for applying a small amount of glue in exactly the right spot. It is called the Glue Looper. I have included a link to their website which has some very good video’s on how to use it. The tips last for many applications.

Glue Looper website and videos: Glue Looper


Where to buy:

Glue Looper:  The Glue Looper

CA Glue:Bob Smith 103 Insta-Cure 2oz Super Thin Model: BSI-103 (Hardware & Tools Store)

Aluminum Dish: Heathrow Scientific HD14521A Aluminum Small Weighing Boat, 43mm Diameter x 12mm Height (Pack of 100)

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