1/48 F-15E Dual Role Fighter

This next build is the Hasegawa 1/48 F-15E Dual Role Fighter. It is a commission build for the same client as my last one.  It will be built mostly out of the box but I will be adding an Eduard cockpit photo etch detail set. The first thing I noticed was the canopy and wind screen have a seam that runs down the middle. I sanded the seam down with 800 grit sand paper then went over it with 2000 grit. Once the seam was gone I polished them.

You can see what I use to removed seams and polish clear parts in the Tips and Trick section at How to repair, clean and polish clear parts.

I then started on the cockpit. The ejection seats were detailed with the photo etch accessories and some spare decals for the labels. The cockpit tub was then detailed with photo etch side panels. The instrument panels were then sanded down so that the photo etch accessories could be added. The cockpit tub was then assembled and installed into the front section of the fuselage. I cut off the HUD glass mount as this will later be replaced with a more accurate photo etch replacement. Starting on the rest of the fuselage and the exhaust cans.

The build of the F-15E Dual Role Fighter is moving forward. I assembled the exhaust cans. The detail on them is very good. The kit even comes with photo etch parts for the turkey feather rods and control links. I painted the turkey feathers section using Vallejo’s Metal Color Jet Exhaust. It gives them a nice burnt metal finish. The base ring of the exhaust cans were then painted with Metal Color Steel. For the inside I used light gray, dark gray, and black pastel chalk. The outside I used dark gray, brown, and black then used blue and brown on the base ring. The intake vanes were painted Metal Color duraluminum with the intake ducts painted white. I was able to get the seam between the intakes halves filled with putty. Once the intakes were installed I assembled the main part of the fuselage then installed the forward section and the wings. The fuselage was then base coat painted with FS36118 (gunship grey).

I then started on the center line tank and weapons. The kit CBU’s lacked detail. Looking thru my spare parts drawers I found some Eduard Brassin resin CBU’s and opted to use these instead of the kit ones. I am currently working on all the weapons. The aircraft will be armed with the CBU’s, 4 sparrow missiles and 4 sidewinder missiles.

The F-15E build continues. This week all the bombs and missiles were assembled, painted and decaled. Starting with the bombs, these were painted drab with aluminum fins. They were then mounted on the racks. The AIM-7 missiles were then painted. For the AIM-9 missiles I cut the tips off and made the sensor head out of clear acrylic gel and painting them with Tamiya X-19 smoke. You can see how to do this in the Tips and Trick section at How to make Laser and IR sensor heads

Next I worked on the exhaust area by painting it with the Vallejo duraluminum Metal Color and weathering it with some blue, brown and black pastel chalk. The landing gear and tails were then installed. The kit decals are very brittle and yellowed due to being in storage for so long. I looked thru my decals sets and found a set of Afterburner Decals set (# 48-031). These are F-15E Strike Eagle flagships from the 366th FW at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. I will be doing the F-15E 87-0210 366th WG CO aircraft 2003. This aircraft features the “Let’s Roll” decal on the left front fuselage.

I am in the process of applying the many, many stencil decals then on to the specific aircraft decals.

The Eagle is complete! I finished applying the decals and then installed all the weapons.  The canopy was polished , detailed and painted. Earlier I trimmed off the kit HUD and replaced it with a photo etch version using clear acetate film for the HUD glass. The canopy was then mounted in the open position. I did a final weathering of the exhaust and some detail painting to complete the aircraft. Here are the final assembly photos.

So here are the completed F-15E photos. As for the kit, back in the day Hasegawa rushed the F-15E kit to the market by taking their F-15D and adding some “E” parts. While the kit resembles the “E” version it is not quite accurate to the real aircraft. Aside from the aftermarket decals and photo etch accessories this client supplied kit is straight out of the box.  The fit is very good and the instructions are laid out well. I cannot comment on the kit decals as these did not age well. The aircraft now needs to be carefully packed up and shipped to the client. Thank you for following along!


The F-15E Dual Role Fighter was carefully packed up with a CD of all the build photos (always included in commission builds) as well as a brass nameplate. Two days later it arrived at the client’s home with no issues. He then placed it and the nameplate in one of Grandpa’s Cabinet display case. He is extremely happy and proudly displays it.

2 thoughts on “1/48 F-15E Dual Role Fighter

  1. David! Again you really showed your craftsmanship. And although it may not have the personal history the P-2 has, I have the model is displayed prominently in my living room for all to see. Every time I look at it, I see more of the details you included. It’s a pice of art I will enjoy every day.

    Thank you again so very much.


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