1/720 USS Carl Vinson

Starting a commissioned build of the USS Carl Vinson using Italeri’s 1/720 scale kit. It will be detailed with photo etch, extra aircraft, and scratch built items. It will be displayed “At sea” in an acrylic display case.

Follow the build log at: 1/720 USS Carl Vinson

4 thoughts on “1/720 USS Carl Vinson

  1. Wow
    How long would it take to finish it?
    Do you think Italeri is a good model for 1/750 scale?

    1. I estimate about 40 hours of work. The ship part of the kit is good so far. The aircraft that come with the kit are not very good which is why I am using aftermarket aircraft.

  2. Nice work so far. Working on a long term mission myself to do all the Italeri carriers and the Revell Enterprise. The Nimitz class kits are basic but reasonably accurate and nicely if simply detailed. Don’t forget the little add-on to the rear of the island. I must ask where did you get the display case?

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