UPDATE for the 1/350 LPD Class Hangar Bay Decals!

After a couple of months of work I have completed most of the 1/350 San Antonio class LPD ship hangar bay decal sets. These cover all the ships in this class from LPD-17 thru LPD-25. I am still gathering the references for LPD-26 thru LPD-30. So if you are building a 1/350 San Antonio class LPD and are looking to detail the hangar bay and dock area these sets will bring more realism and details to the model. You can see samples and purchase them in my decal section at 1/350 LPD HANGAR BAY DECAL SETS

The decal placement guide is at LPD Decal Set placement guide

1/700 – 1/720 scale sets coming soon!

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