Update – USS Hornet CV-8 F4F Wildcats Coming Together.

It has been another week of detailing and building the F4F Wildcats. Due to their size and number of photo etch pieces it takes a lot of time placing a part and letting the glue dry before placing the next part. There are 18 F4F’s that need to be built. I go thru the step by step process on detailing them in the build log.

See all the photos and all the details in my build log at 1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 Doolittle Raid

On a side note there is an online magazine called The Modeler’s Journal. A few months ago I was asked to be interviewed for a feature article. The magazine was published yesterday! You can download the magazine and read the article here: https://www.themodelersjournal.com/volume-4-mar-2021-jun-2021

MJ cover

The Modeler’s Journal is an online magazine that is free to subscribe. They cover a multitude of various modeling subjects and they have a Facebook group as well.


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