New 1/350 Air Wing Decal Sets – USS Enterprise CVW-14 1976-1977!

I am working on a few more 1/350 Air Wing Decal Sets. I will be releasing these as they are completed. The first set for 2022 is the CVW-14 set for the USS Enterprise during the 1976-1977 cruise. This set is on three full sheets covering all the aircraft aboard. These include VS-29, VAW-113, VA-196, HS-2, VQ-1, RVAH-1, VAQ-134, VF-1, VF-2, VA-27, and VA-97.

You can order just the air wing decal set or a package price if you add in the USS Enterprise Hangar Bay Decal set. You can see all the decal sets available and order them on my decal page:

Here are some sample photos: CVW-14 1976-1977 sampleCVW-14 1976-1977 2 sampleCVW-14 1976-1977 3 sample

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