WEEK ELEVEN:  1/32 Trumpeter A-7E Corsair II – Project Completed!

This final week was spent adding the missiles, drop tanks, and bombs to the aircraft, detailing and wiring up the display base and completing this project. As for the kit, it went together very well. Some details like the exhaust area needed better details and there were a lot of badly placed mold marks. The fit was very good. The thing I did not like a lot was the kit decals. A lot of the placards for the aircraft and weapons were just blobs instead of legible placards which was a disappointment considering the large scale of this model. The weapons decals sheet was also off register. The aftermarket decals were nice but very fragile (most likely due to age). Overall I am very happy with the final results. Thank you for following this tribute build and happy modeling!

All of the details and photos from start to finish can be seen in my build log at  1/32 A-7E Corsair II – VA-37 The Bulls

My next project is the first commission project of the year. I will be building the 1/35 scale Moebius Jupiter 2 from the TV series “Lost in Space”. This build I will be adding the light kit, Starling sound board, resin crew figures, and adding a remote control for all the effects. This should be a fun and interesting build.



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