SCENE TWO – 1/48 Hobby Boss A-6A – “Flight of the Intruder”

The second week I worked on the other assemblies so that the fuselage can be assembled. These include the nose landing gear bay, tail hook section, and the speed brakes. The fuselage was assembled however there are some fit issues. The issues are mostly the underside of the wing area and the small section just forward of the cockpit where it meets the nose cone. The gap is a known issue with this specific kit. Also the Flying Leathernecks 1000lbs bombs and the Eduard Triple Ejection Racks arrived so I can replicate the specific scene’s ordinance load. I will be working on the fuselage issues and then moving onto the wing assemblies this coming week. Stay tuned for scene three!

Check out all the photos and details from the start in my build log at: 1/48 A-6A Intruder – “Flight of the Intruder”

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