1/350 USS Carl Vinson CVN-70

Trumpeter 1/350 USS Nimitz Converted to USS Carl Vinson build photos. These are the build photos of the website banner ship. I used Gold Medal Models and White Ensign photo etch sets for the ship, Tom’s Modelworks photo etch sets for the 86 aircraft, Veteran Model’s weapons for the ship, Black Dog resin deck tractor set, Shapeways 3-D printed accessories from BaconFist, over 500 feet of fiber optics, 40 LED’s, EZ-line for rigging, Model Master paints, Gold Medal Model’s ship decal set, and bags of Evergreen styrene stock in this build.

For more information on adding lighting to your model ship see my post in Tips and Tricks section. Lighting Model Ships

Need Hangar Bay decals for your 1/350 US Navy modern carrier build? Check out my decal section. Modern Carrier Hangar Bay Decals

You can see all the final professionally taken photos in the Gallery section USS Carl Vinson Project

And it is now featured in the IPMA magazine!

The Journal - IPMS

4 thoughts on “1/350 USS Carl Vinson CVN-70

  1. Nice work, well done!!

  2. This is amazing! The detail is incredible! I was stationed on the Vinson with HS-8(CAG 9)for the 2004 World Cruise and ships company from 2009-2012. Was onboard during the Haiti humanitarian mission (2010 Southern Seas Deployment) and burial at sea for Osama Bin Ladin (2011 Deployment). Would love to have one of these one day!

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