1/48 J-35 Draken

The next build is the 1/48 scale of Eduard’s Limited Edition J-35 Draken Swedish Fighter. The J-35 entered service in 1960 and served as an interceptor for many years.  It served in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Austria until its final flight in 2005. The scheme I will be doing is the J-35F from the F10 wing based in Angelholm-Barkakra  during 1989 and flown by Cpt. Vincent Ahlin.  The limited edition issued by Eduard includes many photo etch accessories and a few resin parts like the ejection seat, wheels, and various add-ons for the fuselage based on which version you build. The decals allow you to build a version used by each of the countries that flew them.

Starting with the cockpit tub I added the photo etch accessories  and detail painted some areas. There are a few photo etch accessories that go on the port fuselage cockpit wall then the tub was installed and the fuselage was assembled.

Moving forward on the  J-35 Draken Swedish Fighter I assembled the fuselage, wings, intakes and tail assemblies and then detailed them with some photo etch accessories. The landing gear has been assembled and detailed with photo etch accessories. All painted then installed into the fuselage with their doors. Finally for the week I added some photo etch details to the fuselage.

The weekly update on the J-35 Draken has the build up and detail of the ejection seat. This is all resin and photo etch details. I found some reference photos of the seat and copied the detail as best as I could. After being painted I added some scratch built details then moved on to adding the photo etch details and seat belts. The seat was installed into the cockpit tub and I started painting the aluminum center and the gray bottom. Moving to the top I painted the base coat of the camouflage and the tail. Finally the aluminum leading edges were painted. I also realized the tail required a wire to be added as this detail is not included in the kit.  The aircraft is now ready for decals and weathering.


This weekly update has the final assembly of the Draken as well the competed photos. I used the kit decals and they were great. They applied easily and worked well. Next using the photo etch parts I detailed the HUD and installed it. I added the dash gauges that sit on each side of the HUD then I painted the frames of the windscreen and canopy. I gave both pieces a nice polish and installed them. Finally the drop tanks and the landing lights were installed to complete the model. This was a nice build. The fit was very nice and assembly went well. The kit utilizes some nice decals. I really enjoyed this build of this unique aircraft.

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  1. anthony dagostino July 6, 2019 — 7:54 pm

    I think we need to schedule you for an intervention my friend, that is ENTIRELY too many tweezers in the possession of one person, you my friend, are tweezer hoarder. I have seen beauticians that focus only one eyebrows, with far less tweezers than you have on the table. My bet, that you have others stashed around your work bench, and even at the office. No worries, help is on the way!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. You have built two kits, and looks like a third, before I can get past my first cockpit in thirty years. While disheartening, it is also inspiring, one day I will be able to churn out half as many kits in that time frame, and will be happy to do so.



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