1/48 Mi-24 HIND Helicopter

This next build I will be building the 1/48 Revell Mi-24D HIND Helicopter. For detailing I am using the Pavla Models resin cockpit set and the Master Model 12.7 machine gun and DUAS Probe set. For the scheme I will be using Caracal’s “Last Hinds of NATO” (#48104) decal set for the Polish Air Force in 2014 for the Mi-24D.

Starting with the instrument panel, the resin panel has many fine details. This required some very tedious detail painting of the gauges, knobs, and switches. Then the same goes for the many side panels in the cockpit tub for the two positions.. The seats were then detail painted and installed. The resin cockpit as well as the kit fuselage required some minor trimming and sanding to fit together. The only tricky part is the floor of the cockpit to the nose gear bay. The top of the gear bay needed to be sanded a little to get it to fit with the cockpit. The nose gun turret came next. The barrels of the gun in the Master Model kit are resin and brass parts. They require you to trim the kit barrels off. I decided to wait until the end of the build to install the new barrels to avoid accidentally breaking them off while other work was being done.

Next came detailing the crew area. I used some bare wire for the hand holds and different colored sleeved wires for cabling base on the reference photos. I also added some D-rings on the floor that were from my photo etch extras. Lastly I made a decal for the first aid box. Next week I will be the detailing of the fuselage and engine parts so the fuselage can be assembled together.

More work done on the Mi-24. To start with there are some screened areas on the tail. After a quick search of my spare photo etch stash and I was able to locate some.  I then worked on the engine exhaust. The seams were smoothed out using putty then painted with Model Master Jet Exhaust. Once dry I weathered the outside with brown and black pastel chalk and the inside was done with just black. I did not paint the lower engine section as these will not be seen. The upper section was painter and detailed with wire for cables and hoses. The tail rotor was then detailed with some wire for the hydraulic lines. Finally, the fuselage was assembled.

After reviewing reference photos, the kit did not include the IR sensor on the dorsal behind the engine and the CHAFF/Flare housing under the tail. I scratch built the IR sensor using scrap styrene and formed it to the fuselage. Next I was told that the main rotors will hit the tail rotors on the kit and that the fuselage needed to be extended. After some research on the measurements and some scaling, I found the fuselage is correct for the scale. (57ft 5in in 1/48 = 14.35″) The problem is the main rotor is too large. It should be 56ft 9in diameter which would be 14.18 inches in 1/48 scale. The kit rotors measure 14.61 inches or 58ft 3in at full size. It is not the fuselage that needs to be lengthened it is the rotors than need to be shortened. I then cut the section near the center out by 0.3” on each rotor then pinned the rotor blade to the base. A test fit shows the rotors will not hit each other and the main rotor matches reference photos.

With the rotor corrected I then looked at the missile/rocket rails. To match the reference photos I drilled out the holes and then added the wiring for the launch pad. With the wings and gun pods attached it is now ready for painting.

The Polish Air Force HIND is almost finished. The fuselage has been painted and decals have been applied. I then scratch built the CHAFF /flare housings for under the tail. I used some styrene sheets and drilled the edges for the tubes, added some spare photo etch details, and finally some 32 gauge black wire for the cables. These were then painted aluminum and all 4 were mounted and wired.

The side door was installed in the open position so the cabin can be seen. I then lightly weathered it and added the exhaust stains. Finally the matte top coat was applied. The main rotors were then painted green drab and installed. The gap between the tail rotor and the main rotor now matches reference photos. With the fuselage mostly done I moved on to replacing the kit DUAS probe with the correct brass and resin Master Model replacement. I am working on the canopies and access door and then just do the rigging and final touch ups to complete this build.

The Polish Air Force Mi-24D is finished.  This was a fun build. There were some minor issues like the main rotor blades and the kit definitely requires accessories to bring in details. But the kit went together well and the accessories did not require any major modifications to fit. The Caracal decals went on very well.  Thanks for following along.

2 thoughts on “1/48 Mi-24 HIND Helicopter

  1. anthony dagostino June 5, 2020 — 3:06 am

    As a burgeoning rotorhead, I will be following this with interest!



  2. Pierre Lagacé June 12, 2020 — 6:37 am

    Very nice!

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