1/48 P-39 Airacobra

The P-39 Airacobra is a unique aircraft. Built by Bell, the engine was mounted in the middle of the fuselage and a long driveshaft ran through the cockpit and weapons bay to the nose for the propeller. I built this Revell kit back in September 2014. I also purchased the Eduard detail set for the kit. Starting with the cockpit I added details then painted and weathered it.


Firing through the nose is a 37mm cannon. The ammo cartridge in the kit did not look very much like the real one. I took some brass rod and cut them to the correct length. Then each “shell” was put into a dremel tool and using a file, I shaped the front of the shell. I then scratch built the carrier and mounted it on the cannon. The photo shows the kit cartridge under the cannon and the scratch built one on the cannon.



The detail kit also came with the flaps, landing gear bays, and undercarriage details. This required many sections to be cut out and replaced.


Next came installing the cockpit and forward bay. The .50 cal nose machine guns mount above the cannon and through the middle of the cannon cartridge. I filled the  ammo feeds for the machine guns with small lead weights. I did this so the model would sit on the landing gear. Without the weights, the model is tail heavy and would not sit properly.


The aircraft was painted, installed decals, and weathered. I chose to leave the engine bay and weapons bay covers off to show the details as well as leaving the right door open to see the cockpit details. Here are photos of the completed model.


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