1/20 Estonia Race Car

This build was outside my norm of military aircraft’s and ship’s. I built this for a friend who used to race this car back in his younger days. This was built in the background as he is also a huge fan of my models and this was presented as a surprise. With the assistance of his daughter I was able to get some photos of him racing the car. After some research I identified the car as an Estonia Race Car. Unfortunately no manufacturers build a kit of these. Also the online information on these older cars is very limited.  That being said, I took an Ebbro 1/20 Lotus Type 72C kit and used the chassis with some minor modifications to match what I could see in the photos. The cockpit was detailed and I scratch built the seat harness using cloth tape. The engine is the Cosworth engine that came with the kit as I had no references on the engine. This was detailed with 30 gauge wire for spark plug wires, vacuum lines, and fuel lines. I used 26 gauge solder for the brake and fuel lines. Black shrink tubing was then used for the radiator coolant lines. As for the body I scratch built it using sheet styrene. This was then painted red and I made the decals for the hood and sides. To match the wheels in the photos I was able to locate a resin set of wheels that matched. I then replaced the kit tires with an aftermarket set of competition tires. I then set the model in a display box called “Illumibox” It is a plastic and acrylic display case that include 2 LED light poles which can be powered by batteries or a USB port. He was very surprised!


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