1/350 CVW-7 Aircraft CVN-69

A client had purchased a replica of the aircraft carrier he served on, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69. The replica was made out of wood. The aircraft that came with the replica lacked details and only had the stars and bars on them. He contacted me and wanted 30 aircraft built to replicate the aircraft that were aboard when he served on her.

I purchased the Trumpeter 1/350 aircraft he wanted and made a decal sheet of the squadrons. (I will be adding the full air wing set to my shop at a later date). He also wanted the Aviation Boatswains Mate wings that were on a plaque mounted to the front of the island, Island warning signs and the ship name decal for the stern. I built up and detailed the aircraft and applied the custom decals. I also had a resin deck tractor left over from a previous build so I added it so he could have an aircraft on the lowered elevator as well. Finally, his replica came with a few name plates that could be mounted to the base. He want me to make some mounts that held the name plates up. The aircraft represent the squadrons that were aboard in 1985 and used the Lo-Vis paint scheme.


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