1/72 Multi-Aircraft Build

This commissioned build was for a client who wanted five 1/72 aircraft with wheels up build for his display. He sent me two 1/72 Airfix Spitfire MK-1a kits. The second kit was converted to a MK II version. The third kit was the 1/72 Tamiya P-51D, the fourth was the 1/72 Eduard Prolifapack Spitfire MK IXc, and the last kit was the 1/72 Academy F-35A. Due to the numerous details done to each model check out the build log that covers all five builds in one log. 1/72 Multi-Aircraft Commissioned Build

Here are all the photos:

DSCN4983DSCN4984DSCN4985DSCN4988DSCN4991DSCN4992DSCN4998DSCN5039DSCN5042DSCN5043DSCN5045DSCN5046DSCN5047DSCN5048DSCN5050DSCN5057DSCN5103DSCN5104DSCN5106DSCN5108DSCN5109DSCN5110DSCN5114DSCN5146DSCN5147DSCN5149DSCN5150DSCN5153DSCN5165DSCN5171DSCN5174DSCN5184DSCN5186DSCN5187DSCN5190DSCN5191DSCN5192DSCN5194DSCN5195DSCN5196DSCN5197Outside 2Outside1

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