The 1/35 Moebius Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space

This next build was a commissioned build of the Moebius 1/35 scale Jupiter 2 from the TV show “Lost in Space” The client supplied the kit and all the accessories he would like added to the kit. The TV show ran from 1965 to 1968 and was produced by Irwin Allen. The premise of the show was the Robinson family set out look for other planets for space colonization. The ship was knocked off course and they were lost in space.

There is a stack of accessory items that were supplied by the client. The first add-on was the Moebius Light Kit, this is a kit sold by the kit maker Moebius to illuminate the interior and provide the engine and external lights. The second add-on used was the Starling sound board, this provides the sounds of the ships engine spinning up and running for about 20 seconds. A remote control system to operate the lights and sounds via a 4-button remote control was supplied by Tenacontrols. The next add-on was Green Strawberry’s 1/35 resin figures of the Robinson family. These figures are placed in the cryo freezing tubes that suspended the crew for the long journey into space.  Video at bottom of page.

You can see all photos and details from start to finish in my build log at: 1/35 Jupiter 2 – Lost in Space

Interior final light check completed
Interior final light check 5
Interior final light check 4
Interior final light check 3
Interior final light check 2
Interior final light check
Radar bubble
Fusion core lights
Completed model
Battery box installed
Front view
Side View
Remote control ready
Remote control
Battery box built

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