1/700 – 1/720 Modern Carrier Hangar Bay Decal Sets

I have made a decal sets for 1/700 – 1/720 modern U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers. These sets include the signs, logos and safety stripes needed to detail the hangar bays.  These are printed on clear film decal paper. Each decal must be trimmed before dipping in water. The stripes are cut to width due to the various stripes used throughout the hangar bays.

These can be purchased in the Shop

If you do not see the ship you want listed, please contact me.

Here is a typical decal placement guide US Aircraft Carrier Hangar Bay Guide

Here is a sample photo:


Photos from a customer

1 thought on “1/700 – 1/720 Modern Carrier Hangar Bay Decal Sets

  1. Ordered 1/700 Hangar Bay decals for CVN 72, LHD 6, and LPD 21.
    And all arrived safely and it such a great work! love the murals and I even starting to consider to put on lights so people can see it when it’s done. As for the LPD 21, I need to think harder to choose which mural should I go with..
    Thank you for your great work and for your help, David!

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