1/32 Trumpeter A-7E Corsair II – VA-37

This was a tribute build of the aircraft squadron I served with in the early 1980’s. I served with VA-37 stationed out of NAS Cecil Field located in Jacksonville, Florida. I used Trumpeter’s kit and added resin ejection seat and tires, Cutting Edge decals for the squadron, custom decals for specific aircraft and the Commanding Officer’s name, and custom lighting. for lighting I am used: 8 – white pico LED’s (fuselage lights, tail lights, landing light, and the AoA lights), 2 – red flashing pico LED’s for the fuselage, 4 – red pico LED’s for the cockpit side panels, 2 – 3mm red LED’s (one for instrument panel the other for the wing tip lights) and 1- 3mm green LED for the wing tip lights. I also used about 38” of 0.5mm fiber optic lines for the wing tips and the AoA lights. I completed this with a brass name plate commemorating the day I joined the squadron.

 All of the details and photos from start to finish can be seen in my build log at 1/32 A-7E Corsair II – VA-37 The Bulls

Nose view

Port view


Top view

Starboard view


HUD side view

HUD nose view

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