1/48 B-25B “Ruptured Duck”Doolittle Raid

This is the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B “Doolittle Raiders”. I built it as the “Ruptured Duck” which was the aircraft followed in the film “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo”.
The “Ruptured Duck” was the 7th aircraft to take off of the USS Hornet. It was piloted by 1st Lt. Ted Lawson. He survived the raid and wrote the book on which the movie was based on. I added photo etch details and scratch built the incendiary bomb that was used in the actual raid. I placed this on a resin base depicting the flight deck of the USS Hornet. The tie down ropes were made with 80 lbs test braided fishing line and they were attached as they were in the movie. I even used the nose art from the movie as well.

Build log at 1/48 B-25B “Doolittle Raider”



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