1/48 R4D-5 Tropical Tilly from “The Thing from another world – 1951”

This build was a little different. I have always been a fan of the 1950’s and 1960’s horror and sci-fi movies. One of my favorites is the Howard Hawks 1951 movie “The Thing From Another World”. The movie is set in the arctic at an outpost that ends up fighting an alien invasion. With that in mind, I used  the Trumpeter 1/48 C-47 and converted it to a R4D-5 for arctic service. The scheme is the “Tropical Tilly” used in the movie. For the conversion used Lone Star Models (LSM) arctic C-47 conversion set. The LSM conversion kit includes numerous resin parts for the ski’s, cowls, exhaust, nose, and a set of decals for the Tropical Tilly and another R4D called the Que Sera Sera. For research I took some screen captures from the movie and found some color production stills in an old “Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazine. I displayed this on a snow covered base.

Check out all the build photos and details from start to finish in my build log at 1/48 R4D-5 Tropical Tilly

Aircraft mounted to base


Final details added to base


Finished top view


Finished side view


Nose view


Aft view


Boarding ladder details


Snow added to wheels


Side view 2


front view


Starboard engine


Port engine


The End

Photos in sunlight


End scene

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