1/350 LPD San Antonio Class Hangar Bay Decal Set


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These decal sets cover the San Antonio Class LPD ships from LPD-17 thru LPD-28. These sets include the signs, logos and safety stripes needed to detail the hangar bay and docking areas.  These are printed on clear film decal paper. Each decal must be trimmed before dipping in water. The stripes are cut to width due to the various stripes used throughout the hangar bays.


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .5 in
Ship Names

USS San Antonio LPD-17, USS New Orleans LPD-18, USS Mesa Verde LPD-19, USS Green Bay LPD-20, USS New York LPD-21, USS San Diego LPD-22, USS Anchorage LPD-23, USS Arlington LPD-24, USS Somerset LPD-25, USS John P Murtha LPD-26, USS Portland LPD-27, USS Fort Lauderdale LPD-28


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