1/350 U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Hangar Bay Decal Set


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This decal set provides all signs, stripes, murals, and logos used over the various years on the ship.

Each decal sheet is printed on a single layer clear decal film.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .5 in
Ship Name

USS Intrepid CV-11, USS Kitty Hawk CV-63, USS Constellation CV-64, USS Enterprise CVN-65, USS America CV-66, USS Kennedy CV-67, USS Nimitz CVN-68, USS Eisenhower CVN-69, USS Carl Vinson CVN-70, USS Roosevelt CVN-71, USS Lincoln CVN-72, USS Washington CVN-73, USS Stennis CVN-74, USS Truman CVN-75, USS Reagan CVN-76, USS Bush CVN-77, USS Oriskany CVA-34


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