Lighting Model Ships

I spent many hours building the 1/350 USS Carl Vinson seen here. USS Carl Vinson Project   Many of those were spent installing the lighting using over 500 feet of fiber optics and 40 LED’s. Working with Flagship Models, we created a very detailed “How To” CD. This CD has very detailed information on installing fiber optic lines, installing LED’s and how to wire it all to detail your model with lights. The CD is 9 pages in length with MANY HI-RES full color photos of in progress steps while I build the 1/350 scale Trumpeter Nimitz and converts her to the Carl Vinson. This CD is sold exclusively by Flagship Models. Please use link below to order one.

To order CD: Lighting Model Ships CD

The source I used for the LED’s: Hobby LED’s from Evan Designs

The sources for the fiber optic lines:

Fiber Optic Products

The Fiber Optic Store

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Lighting Model Ships

  1. Sandra Whitehouse July 13, 2019 — 8:41 pm

    I’m going to be working on the 350 scale titanic. Never put lights in a model. In train cars but not models. Dont want to do alot but I want this ship to light up. Any info to help me that you may have would be greatly appreciated. I dont know how you hook the lights to the power. I’m used to the train track. Sandra

    1. The CD from Flagship models explains everything from using LED lights and how to hook up power to them.

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