MH-60K build on hold – Problem with kit!

Normally I’m a happy kind of guy. But today I am very not very happy. You may have been following my build of Itarei’s 1/48 MH-60K Blackhawk SOA. Well the instructions have you install the MH-60L nose. So on one of my posts I was informed that the kit does supply the correct nose. So I looked and the part was missing. I contacted Italeri and they say to confirm part and it would cost 5 euro’s to get the part and 20 days shipping. Well I used a coupon and purchased another kit due to time and figured later I can build a MH-60L.
Guess what???? On the newer kits Italeri REMOVES THE PART or has blocked it from being molded!!!!!! The photo is where the part is suppose to be. This is from a factory sealed kit.

If anyone has an older release of this kit and your tree has part E25 or if anyone knows of a resin replacement, Please contact me. The build is going to be on hold until I can locate the correct KILO nose.

Using the power of Facebook groups, three others who offered to send me the part have checked their stash kits and they are all missing the same part.

Location of missing part
K nose
What it should look like
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