MH-60K nose located!

So here is where I stand, Lone Star Models does not know when it will get to the MH-60K set. I contacted them. I found out that Italeri stopped molding this part. Many modelling friends on Facebook have looked in their MH-60K kits and the part is missing. The kit was released back in 2007 and the kit did include this part. It appears that sometime around 2012 Italeri stopped molding this part. It is the only part that is not in the kit.

A fellow modeller in Turkey has the K nose. The kit he has was molded in black. This may be the old RoG version (which Italeri used). He did not use the nose and has shipped the part to me. Not sure of shipping time from Turkey to U.S. so I will be doing some of the smaller details (main rotor, the guns, side doors, etc.). It is actually OK since next week I have two sons who are are going back to college and there is some travel involved.

Stay tuned.

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