Welcome to week three of the 1/48 ICM Do-17Z-2 World War II German light bomber

This week I finished up the fuselage and started building up the main gear and engine nacelles. I built, detailed, and installed the engines. I need to finish the engine cowls and install the main gear. Once these are completed I can start on the base coat painting.

You can follow along on this interesting build from the start in my build log at 1/48 Do-17Z-2 German Light Bomber

Decal Sets Update!

Many of the U.S Navy air wings adopted a paint scheme in the mid 1980’s called Low Visibility or “Lo-Vis”. I have had a few requests for generic Lo-Vis aircraft markings. I now have a decal sheet of the generic stars and bars and the “NAVY” (in two different sizes). These are also in the two different grays. (light gray and the dark gray). I now offer these in two different scales, 1/300 and 1/700-1/720. If you need these in other scales, let me know and I can make them in the scale of your choice.

You can order them on my Decal page: Generic U.S. Navy Aircraft Lo-Vis Markings

Here are sample photos.

Generic USN Lo-Vis_720 sampGeneric USN Lo-Vis_350 samp

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