Week two of the 1/48 ICM C-18S “Magic by Moonlight” – Let There Be Light!!!!

This week was spent adding the LED’s and fiber optics to the wings, tail, and fuselage.  There are eleven LED’s just in the wings and about 6 inches of 0.5mm fiber optic lines that are used for the wing tip lights. The tail navigation lights are two fiber optic lines with a single LED. I have most of the lighting for the fuselage completed. The mounting of the fiber optics and the LED’s takes a little time as these are glues down using acrylic gel. The acrylic gel takes a while to completely cure and everything needs to be glued down in sections. I am working on the engines so I can assemble the wings and then I need to route the wiring to the aft section.

You can see all the photos and details from the start in my build log section at 1/48 C-18S Magic by Moonlight

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