The third week of the 1/48 Great Wall Hobby P-61B – Fuselage together.

For the third week of the P-61B I finished off the interior detailing by adding wires and cables to the avionics rack. I then was finally able to get the fuselage halves together after some issues. I am now starting on the engines and wing assemblies. Check out the build log for the issues on assembling the fuselage halves together.

 You can follow along this build from the start in my build log section at

Now I have two places to purchase my U.S Navy ship decals. You can buy them from my website store Shop

and my new Etsy store

The Etsy store only has a few of the 1/350 sets. In the coming weeks I will add more of the 1/350 as well as the 1/700 scale.

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