WEEK THREE – Moebius 1/35 scale Jupiter 2 Interior assembly.

This third week of the Jupiter 2 project has been spent working on the interior and planning on the additional LED’s I will be using. I started assembling and detailing the consoles. The main console has been detailed and painted as well as the viewer console. Once the interior assemblies are completed I will begin installing the electronics. One of the nice features of the Moebius light kit is the LED boards have plenty of open slots for adding more LED’s which I will be utilizing. Aside from the landing gear bays I am also adding another LED to illuminate the monitor on the viewing console. As I progress thru the assembly of the different interior sections I may be adding more LED’s.

You can see all the photos and details from the start in my build log at: 1/35 Jupiter 2 – Lost in Space

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