WEEK FOUR – Moebius 1/35 scale Jupiter 2 Interior continued.

For the fourth week I am continuing to work on the interior panels and consoles. The work is slow going due to the fine detail painting as well as certain panels need to be modified for the light kit.  I also made some modifications to enhance the lighting effects as well. I am hoping to start installing the light kit soon. The placement of the LED’s requires a lot of the interior to be assembled so that the LED’s can be mounted to their respective areas and the wiring can be routed to avoid being seen.

You can see all the photos and details from the start in my build log at: 1/35 Jupiter 2 – Lost in Space


This week I have released some new hangar bay decal sets. The first is the rest of the Wasp Class LHD ships. I have added the USS Essex, USS Boxer, USS Bataan, and the USS Makin Island hangar bay sets in both 1/350 and 1/700 scales. I have also release two aircraft carrier hangar bay sets. The first is an update to the USS Intrepid and a new set for the USS Oriskany. These are in preparation for the Viet Nam air wing decals that are in the final verification. I also released a tutorial on using LED’s and fiber optic lines to illuminate plastic models. The tutorial covers all the various methods I use to light up models, the tools I use, and the basics of wiring them all up.

The new decal sets, the new tutorial, as well as all the others decal sets are available in the store at: Shop


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