Week 5.5 of the 1/35 Moebius Jupiter 2 – Installing Moebius light kit

After ten days of an unscheduled break for a minor medical issue I am finally able to get back to the bench! The “.5” (half week) notation is because I have only had a couple of days of work on it. I have started to install the Moebius light kit. I installed the main deck LED’s which required some extra work due to I did not like how the kit instructions mounted the LED’s. I also mounted the sound card/speaker, remote control board, and a relay board to turn on the lights and sound which is controlled by the remote controller. With the deck lighting completed I need to mount the two LED boards and then I can assemble the interior and route the lights for the walls and ceiling.

You can see all the photos and details from the start in my build log at: 1/35 Jupiter 2 – Lost in Space 

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