1/48 Hasegawa F-15E Dual Role Fighter

This build of this 1/48 Hasegawa F-15E Dual Role Fighter that was supplied by the client was built mostly out of the box. I added some photo etch accessories, resin bombs, and Afterburner Decals to replace the kit decals which did not age well. The kit itself had very good fit and well laid out instructions. As for accuracy, Hasegawa just took their “D” model kit and added a couple of parts to make it look like an “E”. While accuracy is off, it does present well. I will update this page once the model has been shipped and the client places it on display.

You can see all the build details and photos in the build log section at 1/48 F-15E Dual Role Fighter



The F-15E Dual Role Fighter was carefully packed up with a CD of all the build photos (always included in commission builds) as well as a brass nameplate. Two days later it arrived at the client’s home with no issues. He then placed it and the nameplate in one of Grandpa’s Cabinet display case. He is extremely happy and proudly displays it.

Packing completed


Arrivied safely!

In its case

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