1/350 Modern Carrier Hangar Bay Decals

I have made a decal sets for 1/350 modern U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers. These sets include the signs, logos and safety stripes needed to detail the hangar bays.  These are printed on clear film decal paper. Each decal must be trimmed before dipping in water. The stripes are cut to width due to the various stripes used throughout the hangar bays.

You can purchase these in the Shop

If you do not see the ship you are looking for please contact me.

You can check out the typical decal placement guide at US Aircraft Carrier Hangar Bay Guide

Also working on Air Wing decals for the aircraft. They are at 1/350 Air Wing Decals

Here are some sample photos:

(more photos can be seen in my build log at: 1/350 USS Carl Vinson CVN-70  )






45 thoughts on “1/350 Modern Carrier Hangar Bay Decals

  1. Hi Dave, this is Jeff Reith- the order I just placed was for USS Constellation CV-64, circa 1985 WestPac, Air Wing 14. You had created me the jpg previously! Thanks for your great work!

  2. Dave, I just got my decals and they look great! Thanks again so much! Do I need to clear coat the decal sheet with anything prior to cutting and use, or are they ready to go as-is? Thanks again!

    1. Jeff, thanks, they are already sealed. Just trim, soak and apply.

  3. Just received my hangar bay decals for USS Constellation 1\350 scale. If you are building any carrier these should be considered a must! Beautiful decals excellent service! Tom VanDermark

  4. do you have the jolly rogers air wing with the skull and crossbones tail wings decals?

    1. These are decals for the hangar bays. These are not decals for the actual aircraft.

  5. I would like cvw 2 decals and markings if you could put one together I need enough to populate the entire ship so maybe more than one

    1. The hangar bay decals have all the decals to do the entire hangar bay.

  6. Hello Sir As I mentioned I have run into a problem with decals …I have the idea to take a photo of the decal sheet I want and print it up …They have been discontinued and I cant find them anywhere and I need to finish my models… I was wondering if you could custom make some decals for me ? Are they copyrighted even out of production ? Kinda desperate …

    1. Just ordered up the Nimitz hanger set. Can’t wait to see them. Getting ready to start my carrier. Doing mine as she looked during the 84-91 years. Need to now find/make some Low Vis Jolly Roger’s for my Tomcats, along with the other groups.

      1. Thank you for your order. Will get them shipped out tomorrow. For aircraft decals check out StarFighter Decals or Boatswain Models.

  7. Got my Enterprise decals today and they are perfect. Now all I have to do is build the darned hanger deck. Ha! Thanks Dave. Good service too. Pete

    1. Thank you! Send me photos when you get the hangar deck built and I will post the photos here for you.

  8. I’m interested in Decals for the John F Kennedy. Do you have the complete hanger bay interiors for the JFK or will some of the other ship worked. Also what lighting did you use.

    1. I do not have the hangar bay parts. I made mine from scratch. Shapeways sells 3D printed items. The hangar bay doorways and internal fire doors can be used. Baconfist on shapeways is the gentleman who does many 3D parts for 1/350 carriers. For my hangar bay lighting I use 12 yellow pico LED’s. 4 per bay.

  9. Hello!

    I just ordered your 1/350 USS Enterprise set. I am also beginning a project building and detailing all the 1/720 USN supercarriers and wonder if you can rescale these sets to 1/720. My current model is the Revell USS Enterprise as built. Thank you for your consideration!

    Bill Morrison

    1. Yes I can, Please check your Email.

  10. Hello David,
    I just ordered the 1/350 USS Enterprise hanger deck decal set. They are just what I am looking for to detail the hangar deck! Thanks for offering them.

    Jeff Betcher

    1. No problem, Will get them shipped out. Thank you! Dave

  11. Just wondering. Can you do decals for the island. I just put together my 1/350 America CVA-66. The numbers that are on do not look right on the island. Also the name AMERICA is on the starboard side of the island.

    1. I cannot print white so I would not be able to do the numbers. The letters are yellow with black outline so I would be able to make that.

  12. Thanks David I just ordered the Nimitz 1:350 decals much work ahead but satisfying provided I do the right thing etc.

  13. Dave,Awesome work on your carrier!..Iam a navy vet as well (Tin Can Sailor)…Just getting back into modeling…love the lights!.just placed an order with you for cd ..I bought the Enterprize..1/350 scale..Wish i could get q model of the FRAM can i served on…USS william R. rush..DD714..A Gearing Class DD the went thru fram refit in 1964..I’d also love to get my hands on hull numbers in 1/350 scale….an ideas?…ibought a gearing class DD from Dragon Models which shows how the rush looked before Refit..but the hull number isnt 714……
    …..Again im totally impressed by your attention to detail….I hope I can follow your example…By the way,, Idont do facebook just E-mail..id love to hear from you…any words would be helpful… Thanks….Anthony..

    1. Thank you shipmate! I can make decals for your other ships. Including the name on the stern. Check out the hangar bay decals in my decals tab. My email is davezz4@yahoo.com

  14. Hi Dave, I like to order the hanger deck decal for the USS Constellation which I am building. I had the chance to visit this ship when she was in Hong Kong in Dec 1994. I took a video so I have a good idea what her hanger looked like back then.Lots of overhang fuel tanks. Do you have decals for the Intrepid?

    Steven Chow

    1. Steven, I just added the USS Intrepid CV-11 (1960 – 1973) Hanger Bay Decal Set.

  15. G’day from Australia I found your site while trying to find Decals for my 1/350 scale Enterprise, Wow it’s a great site exactly what I was looking for. I’m wondering do you make the internal structure (walls) as well ? I’ve made mine but would love to purchase the real thing if I can. Yours Sincerely Craig

    1. Sorry, I made mine from photos. You can buy 3-D printed ones for the Enterprise from http://www.shapeways.com search for Baconfist. He makes a lot of 1/350 aircraft carrier accessories.

  16. Hi,Dave.
    I am doing 1/200 USS Nimitz model.So can make 1/200 Nimitz hangar decal?

    1. Yes I can. It is two sheets so the cost would be $50 (shipping included)

  17. Hi,Dave.
    I want to purchase 1/200 uss nimitz hangar decals. How can I do?

    1. I added a page for custom scales. You can order them on the custom scales page. https://davidsscalemodels.com/decals/custom-scale-hangar-bay-decal-sets/

  18. Do you have CVW-9 decals for nimitz68. I am trying to build a Nimitz around 1990s

    1. The CVW-9 logos are part of the sheet.

  19. Francesco De Finis September 8, 2020 — 6:19 am

    Hi, how can i buy one of these decals and how will they be sent to me?

    1. Scroll down to the ship you need and click on the Paypal button. For U.S they are shipped US Priority Mail for international they are shipped First Class Airmail with tracking. The price includes worldwide shipping.

  20. Andrew wooltorton September 22, 2020 — 8:54 pm

    G’day David, I was wondering if you have decals for USS constellation air wing circa 1994 rimpac exercise, From May 6th 1994 to June 30th 1994. I have the relavent squadron information if you need it . And could you please tell me the price. 1/350th scale
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. I am currently working on a couple of sets. I will add yours to the list. As soon as they are available I will send you a message. The price for air wing sets is $50 (shipping included)

  21. Francesco De Finis November 19, 2020 — 4:07 pm

    Hi, where is the page where to enter the data for shipping?

    1. Click the Paypal button for payment and entering shipping address.

  22. Hi, where is the page where to enter the data for shipping?

    1. Scroll down to the set you want and click Paypal button.

  23. It’s possible to have Modern Carrier Air Wing Seventeen’s decals? Current she air wing is attached to the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

    1. I am working on a few more air wing sets. I expect to release them in January 2021

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